Shirley de Koster
Shirley de Koster

Hey love!

I'm Shirley, cat mom without a cat, grounded spiritual entrepreneur, dance lover with a broken back, singing-enthusiast with stage fright and always long-winded (good luck, my friend).

The things that light me up more than anything else in life are self-compassion & intuitive tarot. So it comes as no surprise that these are the two tools that I use to help you reconnect with your inner safety, belonging and magic.

How did I get here? Well, you name it, I dance(d) with it: chronic pain, illnesses, depression, childhood trauma, an eating disorder and – of course – being a highly sensitive person (definitely the best of all, but still difficult to navigate at times).

All those challenges and, above all, everything I tried to ‘fix’ them, caused the connection with my essence to dissipate more and more.

”You name it, I dance(d) with it.”

soul journeys

After 10 years of struggling it finally became clear to me all that ‘fixing’ wasn’t going to make me happy. I was done with searching for the answers outside of myself and started my journey inward. Which led me to, of course, becoming a personal development junkie - and although this was definitely a gentler approach, I was still striving to be ‘better’. Whether my goal was to be more productive, more ‘whole’ or just happier in general, deep inside I continuously felt the underlying message of me not being good enough just as I am.

After this epiphany I started practicing self-compassion, which I have been doing for the past couple of years. This practice was the thing that finally brought me back into connection with that radiant core of mine that I’ve always felt itching somewhere inside of me. As your self-compassion guide I’m here to support you, with my readings, meditations & journeys, in coming back to your true self.

For practicing self-compassion I can’t think of a better tool than the tarot; 78 cards full of wisdom about all the processes we as humans move through throughout our lives. Using the tarot I will help you to make the unconscious conscious and tune into your inner compass (again).

‘Life is about coming back to yourself. Leaving is not the problem; the beauty is in the coming back – time and time again.’

My work is inspired by the teachings of Lindsay Mack and Tara Brach. The most important message of both is that all your experiences are equally worthy. One isn’t better or worse (or lighter or darker) than the other. Nothing is a problem; everything is welcome. The tarot helps you to discover the medicine of your experiences in this moment and to feel into the invitations they bring. This creates the space for self-compassion to flow in. And when that happens, you can connect with all parts of you on a much deeper level and you’ll be able to root down into your inner safety, love, belonging, trust and gentle strength.

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Shirley de Koster