Shirley de Koster
Shirley de Koster


I'm Shirley, cat mom without a cat, grounded spiritual entrepreneur, dance lover with a broken back, singing-enthusiast with stage fright and always long-winded (good luck, my friend).

The things that light me up more than anything else in life are self-compassion & tarot. Therefore, it shouldn't come as a surprise that these are the 2 tools that I use to support you in finding your own way towards a life lived with more ease, connection & joy.

How did I get here? Well, you name it, I dance(d) with it: chronic pain, illnesses, depression, complex PTSD, an eating disorder and – of course – being a highly sensitive person (definitely the best of all, but still difficult to navigate at times).

All those challenges and, mainly, all the ways in which I tried to ‘fix’ them, caused the connection with my essence to dissipate more and more.

”You name it, I dance(d) with it.”

soul journeys

After 10 years of struggling it finally became clear to me all that ‘fixing’ wasn’t going to make me happy. I was done with searching for the answers outside of myself and started my journey inward. Which led me to, of course, becoming a personal development junkie - and although this was definitely a gentler approach, I was still striving to be ‘better’. Whether my goal was to be more productive, more ‘whole’ or just happier in general, deep inside I continuously felt the underlying message of me not being good enough just as I am.

Until I discovered self-compassion, and, a little while later, integrated it into my daily life thanks to the works of Tara Brach, Lindsay Mack & Elizabeth Gilbert. My self-compassion practice was the thing that finally brought me back into connection with that radiant core of mine that I had always felt itching somewhere inside of me. And the tarot turned out to be the perfect tool to guide me back to my essence in a gentle & grounded way – again and again and again. As self-compassion guide & tarotist I hope to support you with my teachings, readings, blogs & meditations in coming home to your true self.

‘Life is about coming back to yourself. Leaving is not the problem; the beauty is in the coming back – time and time again.’

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Shirley de Koster