Is this you?

You desire to tune into your inner knowing.

You are open to see what happens when you make your subconscious conscious.

You are ready to live more from your inner compass.

You can’t wait to let more connection, confidence and compassion flow into your daily life.

A moment of next level self-care sounds delicious right about now.

An intuitive tarot reading with me is like a coaching session - with your soul as the coach.

What is intuitive tarot?

In intuitive tarot we look to the 78 cards as representations of the inner processes we as human beings move through during our lifetime; they help us make the subconscious conscious and connect to our intuition and inner knowing. It is a gentle, but also very deep way of gaining more understanding of your inner waters and how they might be able to flow with (even) greater ease.
Together with the cards I read the energy of the moment and translate the messages of your soul (note: my readings are not predictive; they are down-to-earth, focussed on the here and now, purely supportive and insightful).

What is intuitive tarot?

''A reading from Shirley takes you instantly back to your core. It brings me peace and confidence. Suddenly I can see and feel again what’s right for me. I am so very grateful for her readings. Such wise, warm and sincere messages come through. Shirley really is a (self-)compassion queen!''

- Kirsten van den Berg

how does a tarot reading work

How does such a reading work?

After ordering you’ll find your audio reading (usually 25-45 min) accompanied by a photo of your cards within 7 days in your inbox. During this reading I will not only provide you with the wisdom and invitations of the cards, I’ll also suggest some gentle tools to apply and come back to in your own beautiful timing. These are practical exercises and reminders to help you drift along with the waves of your inner and outer world and reconnect with your inner magic.

A reading will provide you with:

A deeper connection with your inner wisdom & magic.

Clarity and support through the messages of your soul.

Gentle & practical tools to soften and come home to yourself.

More serenity, resilience and confidence in walking your soul’s path.

''My jaw dropped because of how spot-on Shirley’s tarot reading was. She worked out my doubts and confusions and explained it all very simply and lovingly. It felt as if she looked inside my soul and was holding my hand at the same time. After the reading I knew what I had to do and felt like the whole universe supported me. I really recommend this reading.''
- Hiske (@allesoverhumandesign)
''I’m deeply moved by Shirley’s reading. Hearing all these things I already felt stirring somewhere deep down inside me provided me with so much strength and confidence. This was exactly the support and push I needed. Shirley explains the cards and their messages in a very gentle way and beautifully connects them to your theme or question. This reading helped me a lot in difficult times and I recommend it to anyone!''
- Maaike de Vries

Intuitive tarot readings overview

''I’ve received an amazing reading from Shirley. What a fantastic human being. Such a clear and down-to-earth reading, I love this way of relating. It was so SPOT-ON and really touched me in a deep way. It is a great gift to yourself.''

- Janine Veen

Do you have questions, observations or anything else you’d like to share with me? Please let me know!

Shirley de Koster