Tarot readings

to tune in with your inner compass

Reading with a fully personalized spread focused on your question or theme. The gentle & grounded guidance supports you in returning to your true self.

€15,00 – €45,00

Intuitively painted, abstract watercolor card inspired by a mini reading, of which you'll also receive your (physical) tarot card. The guidance is short, sweet & practical.


Reading to check in with yourself, your mind and everything that happening in the undercurrent. The guidance supports you in coming home to the present moment & to yourself.


Shirley de Koster

Your Tarot for Self-compassion reading

My readings are not meant to provide you with answers or predictions; they are here to support you in tuning in with your inner wisdom and to guide you in finding the clarity, inner peace and confidence you long for.

An audio reading with me is insightful, gentle & grounded and always focused on (re)discovering and opening the door to self-compassion in the here and now.

I’m here for you to hold space, help you find your way back to your true self & guide you in how to integrate the offered guidance into your daily life.

Themed readings

''I’ve received an amazing reading from Shirley. What a fantastic human being. Such a clear and down-to-earth reading, I love this way of relating. It was so SPOT-ON and really touched me in a deep way. It is a great gift to yourself.''
- Janine Veen
''A reading from Shirley takes you instantly back to your core. It brings me peace and confidence. Suddenly I can see and feel again what’s right for me. I am so very grateful for her readings. Such wise, warm and sincere messages come through. Shirley really is a (self-)compassion queen!''
- Kirsten van den Berg