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to tune in with your inner compass

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A tarot for self-compassion reading guides you back to your true self. The gentle & grounded guidance you receive offers you in-roads to clarity, confidence and a sense of (inner) connectedness and belonging. With my tarot for self-compassion reading I shed a clear, warm and compassionate light on your question or theme.

❁ Within 48 hours of purchase, I'll email you a form in which you can share your question, situation or theme for this reading with me.

❁ Within 10 days after filling out this form a PDF with your cards and their invitations will arrive in your inbox.

”Very special! Your reading really resonates. It contains so much valuable and applicable information. I see your reading as a confirmation and guide to consult again and again.”

- Saar

Your reader

Hi there, it's Shirley! A few years ago I decided to stop making my life any harder than it already was. And since then my life has been perfect.

Okay, that's a lie.

But thanks to my self-compassion and tarot practice I now know how I can find my way back whenever the connection with my true self gets disrupted. And that's what makes my life so much more easeful and joyful these days.

My readings are not meant to provide you with answers or predictions; they are here to help you open your heart to all that is happening in your inner and outer world, in order for you to experience your inner strength, peace & wisdom again.

Shirley for self-compassion

What other people said about their reading:

''I’ve received an amazing reading from Shirley. What a fantastic human being. Such a clear and down-to-earth reading, I love this way of relating. It was so SPOT-ON and really touched me in a deep way. It is a great gift to yourself.''
- Janine Veen
''My jaw dropped because of how spot-on Shirley’s tarot reading was. She explained it all very lovingly. It felt as if she looked inside my soul and was holding my hand at the same time. After the reading I knew what I had to do and felt like the whole universe supported me. I really recommend this reading.''
- Hiske
''A reading from Shirley takes you instantly back to your core. It brings me peace and confidence. Suddenly I can see and feel again what’s right for me. I am so very grateful for her readings. Such wise, warm and sincere messages come through. Shirley really is a (self-)compassion queen!''
- Kirsten van den Berg


Tarot for self-compassion reading
  • 2-3 cards
  • approx. 4 pages of gentle & grounded guidance
  • Coming home to the present moment

Deep Dive

Tarot for self-compassion reading
  • 5-6 cards
  • approx. 10 pages of gentle & grounded guidance
  • Coming home to your true self